Morior Invictus

by Junto

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diehardCFC Two words...Fuckin‘ Superb! Can’t recommend it highly enough. Favorite track: Frontline.
East Bay Working Class
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East Bay Working Class This is what Ive been waiting for. full length from a band that which is setting the bar for " subculture" music. Musically - you'll find a band playing tough as nails oi,but tinged with a melodic side that only a few bands can pull off ( think Templars,a band with brilliantly crafted and poignant lyrics -- and one of the FEW whose recorded offerings are as intense as their live material. Junto is one of those rare bands that come along every now and then which punch their way out of the mold and offer something fresh and new in a familiar package. DON'T BE A CHUMP--- BUT THE DIGITAL ALBUM OR SCOOP UP THE VINYL AT PIRATES PRESS. Favorite track: Here to Stay.
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released February 26, 2019


all rights reserved



Junto Seattle, Washington

Erich - Bass
Rich - Drums
Matt - Vox
Mike - Guitar
Jeff - Guitar

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Track Name: Frontline
Death before dishonor is the code you follow
First into the fire with a heart so true
Up against the storm there is a cold wind blowing
Rising to the call to face your enemy

Marching on into the night
Standing for those who cannot fight
Nerves come undone smoke everywhere
Pushing forward on the frontline

Fear is overcome to face the call of duty
Principal and pride a willing sacrifice
Fortified conviction leading into battle
Charging with your spirit into victory
Track Name: New World
Smash! Exterminate an enemy of the state
Underneath a veil of black on the street under attack
Rising the tide
Foundation of lies
A generation led astray a generation in decay

Its a new world - The pillars crashing down
Its a new world - Lost is the innocence
Its a new world - Caught in a paradox
Its a new world - Have we lost our way
Or are we gonna fight today

Raze burn to the ground anchors folding breaking down
Dissents crack within pushing lies to do us in
Capture propel
Put you under a spell
A takeover a masquerade
A takeover you've been betrayed

Lured in to a trap deceptions laid down to distract
Patronage or violate counteract or led astray
Rising the tide
Foundation of lies
A generation led astray a generation in decay
Track Name: Under The Boot
Tearing down the nation
Watch the streets erupt in smoke
Trigger happy culture playing victim
Lost control

But underneath the boot We're only hindering your aim
And raising up your fist won't do a thing but stoke the flames
Divided here we stand against a wall in your feeble mind
Hidden from the truth distorted views will make you blind

Watch the useful idiots
Led off away like sheep
Another agitation down the hole into the heat
Underneath the boot we fall
Clashing with an undertow
Track Name: Here to Stay
Fallen off the track sometimes
Barely made it out alive
Lost and found still bouncing back
Never surrender all out attack

We've been knocked down but still standing tall
United we will never go away Because we are here to stay
Rising through the wreckage torn and bloody but not broken
OK because we are here to stay

Stand apart we're tried and true
Til the end we'll see it through
Battle scarred and pushing onward
Time tested true and honored
Track Name: Latchkey Kid
I was a latchkey kid left all alone
Learning the hard way I had to make it on my own
On those hot summer nights I'd roam the city streets
Just trying to find my way running wild and being free

Looking back through bloodshot eyes
Remembering those childhood ties
When nothing ever stood in our way
It was us verse them and we stood tall
Never back down and never fall
Counting back the years
Watching them disappear
Track Name: Jealousy & Envy
Jealousy and envy spread poison on the land
The blind that follow orders go marching to the band
Infected by the system manipulating lies
Another road to ruin a station in decline

Lost and running with the hunted
Led all the way
On a path into destruction
Pawns in the game

Taking what their giving a means to justify
Never looking forward lost processes denied
Disconnected factions looking for for reward
Nothing more to offer but bitterness and char
Track Name: World War 3
Diplomacy is on the brink of death
As tensions rise from every side
The balance of the world is breaking down
As madmen pull the strings

The edge of annihilation
Breakdown of society
The edge of annihilation
Lost as we march on to world war 3

Deception from the powers of the state
Where hostile minds lie underground
The fallout spreads it's blowing in the wind
There's no hope and there's no end

The edge of annihilation
Breakdown of society
The edge of annihilation
Reality erodes away
The edge of annihilation
Pushing articles of faith
The edge of annihilation
Lost as we march on to world war 3
Track Name: Knock Em' Down
Caught up in a corner like a rat
Pinned alone there is no turning back
Lost inside a hollow masquerade
Take command there's only one way out

Your fighting for your life
There's nowhere left to run
Explode with all your might
It's time to turn it on

Knock em Down

Flash of light and vision comes unwound
Shattered silence crashing all around
All or nothing blow up like a hand grenade
Pushing forward face those rivals down

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