Live To Tell

by Junto

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released June 10, 2017

Longshot / Contra Records


tags: oi! punk Seattle


all rights reserved


Junto Seattle, Washington

Erich - Bass
Rich - Drums
Matt - Vox
Mike - Guitar
Jeff - Guitar

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Track Name: Live To Tell
The best of your generation
Some gave it all lost lives
Under the flag of freedom
Marched on with heads held high
Watching them sail away to fight
White knuckles and fire in their eyes
Against it all under attack the bombs rained down no turning back
Blood and sand washed lives away the casualties lost on that day
Staring into certain death Pushing to the final breath
It’s a long way back from hell And only some will live to tell

Respect the blood of our brothers
Who stood for life and liberty
Against a wall of destruction
Held strong against the enemy...
Track Name: Last Call
Drinking with my brothers underneath those neon lights
Saturday the time is now with the workweek out of sight

Raise a little trouble just to blow the tension off
Joined together arm and arm we are all down for the cause

Raise your glass Our pride is working class

Tonight we’re gonna get kicked out of here

Cus we’are all fired up on shots and drinking beer
The time is now to let those demons out

Its last call and tonight we shut it down

Fourty hours all week long Im grinding up my bones

We all end up six feet down underneath the ground alone
But I dont have time to complain about the way it ends

Nothing can take me away like drinking with my friends...
Track Name: Upside Down
Our general was on the march with flags raised to the sky
The struggle for independence was about to change the tide
In trenches they anchored low with their canons pointing down
When the smoke cleared it was victory in the battle for Yorktown

The allied guns were raised
They fired night and day
In a siege to end it all and throw away the crown
Full honors were denied as they marched between the lines
Taking back the town on the day the world turned upside down

Old rags tied to their feet but still they held the line
Black powder was burning lead it was time to do or die
Bloodstained and battle worn fighting to the end
Standing up for liberty and freedom to defend
Track Name: War Within
Mental scars run deep inside
Beneath the skin the warfare lies
To struggle on with demons crawling blind
Keep holding strong and push through the tide
Dark thoughts come creeping in
Grasping to understand

Burning Damage The war within

Skull is a holding cell Flashback into a hell
Burning Damage The war within

Terror a witness to perdition
Locked out tormented with depression
Cold sweat Search through with vacant eyes
Relentless battle cries

Burning Damage The war within
Voices echo inside There is no place to hide
Burning Damage The war within ....