by Junto

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released April 30, 2016

Longshot / Contra Records


tags: oi! punk Seattle


all rights reserved


Junto Seattle, Washington

Erich - Bass
Rich - Drums
Matt - Vox
Mike - Guitar
Jeff - Guitar

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Track Name: Blood Hits The Water
Through the hard times
I keep walking tall
Dodging bullets all the way
Never breaking stride
My strength is everlasting
Only the strong will win the day

When the blood hits the water
That's when predators move in
They attack try to hold you under
But the lion always wins

when you're locked in
Back up against the wall
It's do or die you got to fight
True Lion Heart
Crusading ti the end
Unbreakable never comply
Track Name: Violent Reaction
You push and push now the time has come
Can't back down no place to run
Gonna give you your justice due
Don't you mess with the proud and true
Open your mouth The shit flies out
Seeing red gonna knock you out
Steel capped thunder rings your head
Should of thought about what we said

Violent, violent reaction
Vehemence in your eyes
Tonight you meet your demise
No respect you crossed the line
Smash you up no we're feeling fine
Violent reaction, Violent reaction

Out of luck and out of place
I'll wipe that smile right off your face
Blowback comes to strike you down
A payback for ratting us out
Drunk and crazy is no excuse
You laid the rope you tied the noose
Underneath a web of lies
The truth comes through lost alibis
Track Name: Barbed Hooks
Barbed hooks draw us to walk the line
Resist or suffer absolution
Control evaporates away
Follow under the state solution

Threshold of subjugate
We hand our freedom to the state
Sell off our rights for protection
But nothing can save you from yourself

Cycle of endless dependency
Disguised to expand regulations
Wake up and take the upper hand
Before your liberty is lost

Barbed Hooks...control
Barbed Hooks...control
Track Name: Ticket To Nowhere
Running away a victim of your own lies
A man come unhinged can't reset the damage is done
Flames trail behind while the bridges burn up in smoke
No alibi's you've lost everything there is no hope

First Class...Ticket to nowhere
Cut and run..Where is your pride

Under the gun you ride off on you lost crusade
Rushing beneath the weight of your burden and shame
Excuses denied when the evidence points right at you
Eating away from the inside it cuts it's way through